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4th International ESS Conference

Location: University of Mannheim, Germany

    Turbulent times in Europe: Instability, insecurity and inequality
    Europe is going through turbulent times. There is increasing diversity within and between European societies in ethno-cultural, linguistic, and religious terms, or, more simply, in ways of life and prevailing values. Such diversity is arguably fostering cultural insecurity among large segments of the population, with backlashes manifesting themselves in different modes of political mobilization.
    For many Europeans, stagnating incomes, the perception of increasing social inequalities, transformed labor relations, and the uncertainty about life prospects have created profound economic insecurities. The Great Recession and the financial crisis have affected all European societies to different extents.
    Resulting concerns about the ability of existing political institutions to manage risk and provide good governance, or about the ability to hold existing loci of power accountable, have shaken previous allegiances to the political status quo, whether to mainstream parties, the European Union, or even liberal democracy itself. Previously trusted sources of information - science, expertise, the mainstream media, and all sorts of secondary organizations - are now constantly questioned on the basis of their aloofness, irrelevance, or bias.
    The fourth International ESS Conference will showcase research that uses data from the European Social Survey (exclusively or in conjuncture with other data) to address the issues mentioned above. The conference aims to show the depth and breadth of scientifically rigorous research made possible as a result of the high quality comparative data provided by the ESS.
    ESS data on climate change, democracy and political participation, health and well-being, immigration, social inequality, the welfare state, human values and survey methodology will be showcased. Papers on other topics covered by the ESS were also invited.  
    Registration deadline: 31.03.2019


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